Introducing The Integrated Dental Group

Posted on March 28, 2014

We are reorganizing our way of doing things with an emphasis on evolving into a is  a multi-expert practice  designed to facilitate  convenient coordination and integration of patient care involving two or more dental professionals under one roof.  Known as,  Integrated Dental Group, we are committed to improving personalized care through the delivery of dentistry in a way that permits a higher level of inter-disciplinary treatment planning and sequencing to occur while still maintaining the feel and function of an  intimate office setting.

We have assembled  a team with exceptional skills from within the major dental  disciplines of Prosthodontics (myself, Dr. Tom Harle),  Periodontics (Dr. Charles Alleyn) & Endodontics (Dr. Tony Nguyen).  Our practitioners have all been active in their respective fields for many years prior to the establishment of our new joint service setting. Together with treatment coordination staff this unique  opportunity for patients will further focus our  emphasis on exceptional treatment and  service for clients looking for high quality care & a one-stop philosophy.

Our unique combination of backgrounds, experiences and skills enable us to work as a team to provide a multi-faceted approach to a wide range of complex problems across a patient’s lifespan.